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Saylani Emergency Aid

Many poor people who have their family members admitted in different hospitals like Jinnah Medical, CivilHospital e.t.c. contact us for aid. These distressed ones are not even able to buy medicines for themselves, and then having an operation is out of question. They contact us in such situations and ask for financial help so that they can afford the treatment to cure their diseases. Al-Hamdollilah, the members of our trust have set offices in local hospitals and are ready to help in any way they can.

Aid For Natural Disasters

 In previous few years so many people faced horrific natural disasters like earthquake, cyclone,flood & drought etc. specially the most remarkable incident of earthquake in 8th October, 2005 occurred in the northern areas & independent Kashmir.Whose badly affected theses areas,causing thousands of peoples were killed, millions of peoples were displaced, uncountable injuries.

Alham-Do-Lillah-E-Rabbil alamin! In this crushes situation. The volunteers of Saylani Welfare Int’l Trust were busy to help out the victims immediately worked for restoration for providing shelters, food, drinking water & other necessities with the other human organizations. Likewise after the destruction of cyclone hit to southern coastal areas Thatha, Keti bander & other adjecent areas of Sindh province in 2006. Also provided fund a huge amount for rations services provided to the drought victims of Sindh & Balochistan province during drought in 2001.
In short whether earthquake, cyclone, drought or any other natural disasters Saylani Welfare Int’l Trust have always tried their best efforts to sustain the victims innocent poor humanities by the grace of Allah the almighty.


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