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R.O Water Plant

R.O Water Plant in Collaboration with TRUNKWALA’S

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Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT) is one of the leading NGO’s of Pakistan, operating with an aim to provide free and the best in quality services in the areas such as EducationHealth CareFood & Social Welfare, and Supply of Clean Drinking Water to the deserving and distressed. Pakistan is currently facing a shortage of water due to lack of dams and low rainfall. To counter this problem, SWIT initiated “Saaf Paani Project” which focuses on installing R.O Water filtration plants across Pakistan to provide pure and healthy drinking water to the deserving citizens. Our aim is to install 1200 R.O Plants all over Pakistan to serve the people in a better manner. We are currently working in collaboration with Trunkwala’s to provide pure drinking water in different government schools across Karachi. Our other notable partners include Sindh RangersSindh PoliceKarachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and Government of Sindh.

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